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At Collective Catalysts, we fuel explosive growth for next-gen businesses by merging creativity with execution to achieve repeatable, proven results. We deliver on this promise by blending forward-thinking creativity with cutting-edge industry insights and working with piloted Marketing AI technologies. It’s traditional marketing with a major difference in a changing world.

It is our commitment to progressive innovation, simplicity and excellence that sets Collective Catalysts apart.

How does AI really help?

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a buzzword being used in the business world. It’s real, it’s here, and we believe in its ability to shape the future. 

Not long after the rise of ChatGPT, our Founder, Kachina Dimmock joined and built relationships with leading global AI marketing thinkers, with the objective of understanding how to apply AI in an ethical and responsible way specific to marketing in business. 

While much of the marketing world was expressing early worries about AI replacing various marketing roles, Kachina’s train of thought focused on whether or not AI could make a positive impact on marketing roles and the wider business community.

In the time since, Collective Catalysts have experimented with and piloted various AI tools for projects and services, and we’re so passionate about helping businesses to work with AI in order to achieve their marketing goals. We call it marketing that works smarter, not harder.

How do we use AI?

Our stance on how we use AI is firm. While we’re passionate about how game-changing working with AI can be for businesses, we’re also equally passionate about implementing marketing AI tools ethically and responsibly. We don’t utilise AI in order to replace humans. Rather, our humans work with AI in order to simplify processes and enhance efficiency. 

From our viewpoint, we see AI as a vehicle for creating time.

Afterall, time is our most valuable asset. 

When choosing whether or not a tool is the right one for us, we’re looking at the possibility of decreasing time spent on repetitive tasks to free up our time.

Working with AI in this way, we’re able to reduce costs by intelligently automating repetitive, data-driven tasks, while also driving revenue by improving our ability to make predictions.

If you have any questions about how you can utilise AI in a way that doesn’t exclude humans, book in for a free call – we welcome the discussion!

You can read more about how we do and don’t use AI in our AI Policy.

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Traditional marketing with a major difference in a changing world

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