Discover Your Top AI Opportunities

Activate new revenue streams with a tailored AI adoption roadmap for your business


Your marketing relies on outdated legacy systems and manual processes that waste budgets and stall growth. Attempts to research AI feel overwhelming. You suspect automation could help but have no blueprint guiding the next steps…

Our FREE AI Use Case Template provides that strategic framework – an expert analysis quantifying the performance gaps holding you back coupled with a customised roadmap for capability activation.

Using the template, you’re able to identify your ripest scenarios for automation, benchmark existing inefficiencies around high-potential areas and prescribe a staged AI implementation process that stacks building blocks for transformative impact – all tailored specifically to your unique business infrastructure and goals.

What’s in the template?

Our proven methodology filters the AI hype, reveals priority sweet spots and lays the path to execution – all focused squarely on your growth.


  • Identify top use cases with the greatest and fastest upside
  • Projected impact across revenue, costs, efficiency
  • Risk assessment and implementation approaches
  • 90-day activation roadmap