Kachina Dimmock, Founder and Director at Collective Catalysts, shares the story behind the Collective Catalysts rebrand launch – including the evolution from Content Collective Co to new name selection and creative direction.

“Brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos, Founder, Amazon

To rebrand is a tricky thing. It requires introspection, risk assessment and a commitment to facing the best and worst case scenarios…. And then taking action.

That’s what we did at Collective Catalysts this year, as we underwent the complete brand reinvention – or evolution – that took us from Content Collective Co to Collective Catalysts.

There were several factors that impacted our decision for a new name and look. However, the biggest reason was that the company – and the wider market – itself, was changing. Over the past three years, consumer behaviours and expectations have changed. As such, if we wanted to continue to give our clients the best service possible, we also had to undergo a transformation ourselves.

That’s the very condensed version of the story. Of course, there’s much more to it than that. So, for those who may be interested, here is the long version of the story behind our rebrand; of how Content Collective Co became Collective Catalysts.

The Power of Brand

Despite common belief, a brand is so much more than a logo. In fact, a new logo and colour palette is just a single element of your overall brand experience and strategy. A brand is a company’s ability to tell its story; it impacts perception and reputation. As such, there can be significant brand implications derived from strategic direction.

We believe that brand influences and reflects everything; from operations to sales and internal company culture. It’s the ultimate superpower that supports every area of business. Therefore, a brand refresh offers the rare opportunity to further align employees, customers and operations.

The Beginnings of Content Collective Co

Our Founder and Director, Kachina Dimmock, founded Content Collective Co in 2020 after her role managing the global content marketing efforts for a group of tour companies was affected by the pandemic.

Initially, she thought that the company would be a content marketing agency, focusing on the creation of written content – blogs, emails, social media etc. However, when she started working with clients, it became obvious that what business owners really needed was someone who could direct their marketing; work with strategy and give direction and purpose to content that was being created.

With content itself being absolutely integral to all facets of business, in her previous roles, Kachina often found that her fingers were in all of the business pies. From sales, to HR and customer service, content was needed everywhere. Naturally, this history and early insight into working with clients led to the company’s first shift in game plan. Which turned out to be a very smart move, as Content Collective Co grew by 200% in its first year alone.

Over time, Content Collective Co continued to add services as we saw a need for them – brand development, web design, paid advertising etc. From the very beginning, two of our core values were zest and humility. Without a zest and curiosity for continuous learning, we couldn’t serve our clients; without humility, we couldn’t continue to learn.

Market Observations

While the timeframe between 2020 – 2023 may seem small, during this time we continued to see huge shifts in the market; and the world around us.

Globally, as we continued to live through the effects of covid, we saw shift upon shift by the way of consumer behaviour and expectations. As businesses around the world were being forced into pivoting to a (much overdue) digital-first approach, we saw consumers become more savvy and seek transparency from the brands they chose to invest in. However, it didn’t end there; consumers wanted engagement. They wanted brands to talk back to them, to converse with them, to answer their questions.

As these changes were occurring, so too was the technology available to brands. From geo-targeting and push notifications to Apple privacy and the deployment of AI to the masses, it became evident that the way brands interacted with customers had to change. Which also meant, we needed to change too.

In addition to these technical changes, we also noticed a huge shift in the way that content was created and consumed. While, traditionally, ‘content’ was used as a blanket term to describe written material, the increase in popularity of short-form video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels meant that ‘content’ was video-first. 

While our initial response to this change was to work with clients to create short-form videos related to the long-form content we were working on together and finding trusted videographers within our network to collaborate with, over time, we couldn’t help but feel that we’d inadvertently pigeon-holed ourselves as a content creation agency. 

Through service iterations over the years, we’d come to really enjoy and see the need for offering a full-service suite to clients. Working with small businesses, we’d seen just how overwhelming the world of marketing was to those who didn’t have the marketing knowledge. So many clients were working with multiple marketing agencies for different areas of their marketing. It was overwhelming for them to manage, and a lot of the time, they didn’t wholly understand the value that each agency brought to the table.

There was a real need for simplification. This is what set the foundation for our biggest change yet and gave roots to the new, evolved version of the business that we’ve now launched.

In addition to managing a rebrand, we’ve also been digging deep in experimenting with Marketing AI and how it can positively impact marketing roles. Early on we joined and built relationships with leading global AI marketing thinkers, where the objective became how can we apply AI in an ethical and responsible way that has real world application for marketing in business. Since then, we have experimented with and used various tools for projects and services that are now being provided to customers.

The Rebirth

After several months of research, discussions, tests and adjustments, and more research, we came up with a strategy that we believed allows us to make the best use of our team’s talent and expertise, while giving our client the best quality service possible.

By leveraging our past foundation, the business reinvented itself to Collective Catalysts, a full-service AI-led marketing agency. We now provide small businesses and enterprises with sustainable business growth through the use of strategic marketing, incorporating AI leadership, processes and methods. Combining creativity with execution to achieve repeatable, proven results.

While we’ve been providing our Connected CMO and Borrow a Brain services on an as-needed basis for some time, our rebrand has given us the opportunity to really formalise and focus on these capabilities.

We believe that this is what is needed today. In the marketplace of today, organisations face a huge amount of pressure to keep up with the latest technologies and consumer trends. They can’t risk missing out on an opportunity to connect with customers. That’s why, at Collective Catalysts, we exist to simplify this process through our thought leadership around the connected consumer, our decade + of experience and our early adoption of the ethical practice of AI Marketing technologies that sees us perfectly marry the art of process and creativity to achieve repeatable, proven results.

We’re so excited about this new chapter, under our new name Collective Catalysts. We know – like all good things – it will be filled with lots of learning, growing and evolution. We can’t wait to have you along for the ride; this is only just the beginning.

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