Here at Collective Catalysts’, we’re always looking for ways that we can work smarter, not harder. One of our favourite content marketing hacks (that is overlooked way too often) is repurposing existing high-performing content into new formats and channels.

Repurposing content allows us to squeeze more juice out of the original and extend the shelf life of our best stuff. With a few creative spins, that blog post that did really well can live on as a video, podcast episode, visual graphics and more.

Maximise Your Content’s Potential

If you’ve got some older but evergreen content that you know resonated well with your audience, here are five fresh ideas for breathing new life into it:

  1. Video Summary: Contract a videographer or voice artist to record a video summary version of your most popular posts or guides. These make for extremely engaging social media bite-sized content that’s easy for your audience to consume on the go. Publish natively on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  2. Podcast Interview: Invite the original author or a relevant guest onto your podcast to discuss the key insights and takeaways from the original popular content piece. You can riff on the original ideas and take them further with an engaged discussion. Repurpose the audio across podcast platforms.
  3. Visual Quote Cards: Pull out some of the most ‘grammable lines or surprising stats from your evergreen article and render them into simple but visually striking graphic quotes. Share these bite-sized nuggets of wisdom across your owned channels to drive engagement.
  4. Spin-off Article Series: Don’t be afraid to double dip! If you have a super comprehensive piece of pillar content, you can break out different sections and flesh them out into new articles in their own right. Link back to the original as you expand on those points in more depth.
  5. Printable Checklists/Worksheets: If your content includes any tactical advice, instructions or frameworks, turn those sections into downloadable PDF checklists or worksheets. Gate this as a lead magnet to build your email list while giving your audience practical hands-on tools.

Leveraging AI for Content Repurposing

At Collective Catalysts, we practice what we preach by using AI to intelligently analyse and surface our best-performing content – then our humans get creative with repurposing it in fun and engaging ways across all channels.

It’s a smart way to stretch your content marketing efforts further while delighting your audience with fresh perspectives and formats around your greatest hits. So look through your content archives, spot those evergreen gems, and start repurposing!

Don’t Go It Alone – Let the Experts Repurpose for You

Not a Content Repurposing Mastermind? We’ve Got You!

Look, we get it – you’re flat-out running your business. You don’t have time to sort through your content archives, analyse performance data and cook up all these clever repurposing ideas yourself.

That’s where we come in as your team’s content repurposing masterminds! As Australia’s first AI-powered marketing agency, we use advanced AI to automate the process of surfacing your highest-performing evergreen content. Then our human marketing magicians work their magic, creatively repurposing it into engaging videos, podcasts, visuals and more.

It’s all part of our “work smarter, not harder” ethos. So stop burning the midnight oil trying to replicate your past content success. Simply hand over the reins to our expert team and we’ll run the content repurposing play for you!

Book a free 30-minute consultation today and let’s chat about how we can inject new life into your best-performing content while you focus on running your business. It’s a marketing win-win!

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