If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur trying to incorporate a new habit into your already crazy existence, the best way to ensure that the new activity is a success is to make it easy.

Sounds simple, right?

But, let’s pause for a second and reflect on why that is so important.

Tell me, what do you do with things that are too hard?

You toss it with an intense veracity into what feels like the always-overflowing too hard basket.

Trust me, I get it. With so many items on our never-ending to-do lists, exciting opportunities and distracting procrastination options that are always waiting for us, adding a task that is complex and overwhelming is the last thing we want to do!

Having worked with numerous business owners over the years, I know that marketing is sometimes one of those items that are tossed into the ‘too hard basket’ or swept under the rug with the intention of returning to it at a later date. 

However, without marketing, you risk missing out on opportunities that could help your business to sustainably grow, acquire new customers and increase your profit… to name just a few missed opportunities!

So, what can you do to remove marketing from your ‘too hard’ basket and begin to leverage all of the opportunities that marketing has to offer? 

Read on to find out the top five things you can do that will make your marketing easier.

Create a plan!

Here’s a harsh truth… if you’re doing any kind of online marketing without a well thought-out plan in place, you’re not going to be getting the most out of the content you create. Your marketing plan doesn’t need to be complex, however, it does need to be considered.

For your marketing efforts to be successful, they need to align with your key business goals. Additionally, you need to know who your ideal customers are and how your offer fits into their lives and the wider marketplace.

You also want to ensure that your marketing plan also includes information on how you intend to encourage customers through each stage of your marketing funnel, so that ultimately, they become raging fans of your business.

Proper planning prevents poor performance (how’s that for alliteration?!). By having a plan in place, you are ensuring that your marketing efforts won’t be misguided, expensive and time-consuming, but rather, will be purpose-driven, fun and seamless.

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Build the right team

Too many times, I’ve seen marketing in small businesses being undertaken by time-poor, overwhelmed business owners who, as a result, feel like a hamster in a wheel. While choosing to market your business yourself is great as a cash-save, without the knowledge, this usually ends up being a sure-fire way to ensure that your marketing ends up returning to the ‘too hard’ basket.

While you don’t necessarily need a trained expert on your team, it is definitely worth having someone who is motivated and excited to champion your marketing efforts. If this person doesn’t yet exist in your team, you could look at what you may be able to outsource. For example, if you’ve identified in your marketing plan that you don’t have the resources for executing your social media content, you could outsource this task to a freelancer or agency who has the skills and motivation to drive results.

Prioritise your marketing

If the thought of finding time to get your marketing done has your heart beat racing up a notch and your palms sweaty, perhaps it’s time for a slight shift in mindset. Rather than stressing over there not being enough hours in the day to fit in marketing, try shifting your priorities to include marketing as a key priority of your existing workload.

Develop an easy-to-follow systems and processes

Once you’ve established the marketing activities that you’ll be doing, the next step is to create an easy-to-follow system that is documented and incorporated into your business operations. This could include looking for opportunities to incorporate software and automations that save you time. Some of my recommended must-have’s include social media scheduling tools, reporting dashboards and design tools like Canva.

Measure your results!

If you’re going to the effort of planning, creating and publishing marketing materials, it’s absolutely crucial that you measure the effect it’s making! This is such an important step that I see so many business owners neglecting way too often.

As a minimum, I recommend you monitor the results of your efforts on a monthly basis. This way, you can ensure that your metrics are aligned with your initial business goals.

Make your marketing easier – Next Steps….

By following each of these five steps, your marketing will be not only easier to incorporate in your day to day operations, it will also over time start to generate some great results!

If you’d like help in getting any of the five actions in place, then let me take the burden off of your shoulders and do the work for you! Book in for a free, no-obligation call to see how we might work together.