The Marketing Landscape is Changing Fast - And Leaving Many Behind….


Marketing today barely resembles the field it was just a decade ago. Digital channels and platforms are continuously multiplying. Consumers are increasingly demanding hyper-relevant, personalised interactions. And advanced technologies like artificial intelligence are empowering data-driven strategies far beyond their once-considered science-fiction fantasy scope.

Yet while the marketing world has transformed rapidly, many brands and agencies remain stuck relying on antiquated tactics better suited to the traditional offline channels of yesterday. Out of fear, stubbornness, or simply lack of expertise, they continue pouring time and money into approaches proven obsolete in today’s digital-first landscape.

Thankfully, there are modern solutions that exist for brands striving to find customers, that serve their needs, and drive revenue in today’s changing world.

Join us as we uncover the specific outdated tactics still wasting budgets across the marketing landscape (and how you can fix them!) in this free eBook.

This eBook contains the essential strategies you need for revolutionising your marketing


In this FREE instant-access download, you’ll learn:


  • The 12 outdated tactics that could be costing you customers and how to fix them
  • The biggest myths about modern marketing debunked so you have the right expectations
  • Our unique, customer-centric approach to modern marketing that will help you to find customers, serve their needs and drive revenue in today’s changing world.

What’s in the eBook?

12 Outdated Tactics Hurting Your Marketing

An exposé on 12 specific outdated marketing tactics that could be damaging your business and costing you customers – from keyword stuffing to inconsistent branding and more.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Modernise Approaches

Modern solutions to fix each of those 12 outdated tactics, outlining actionable steps you can take right away to improve results. This includes leveraging AI and advanced technologies.

Exposing the Myths Holding You Back

Dispelling major myths around modern marketing – like AI replacing marketers completely or results happening instantly overnight with no effort.

Blueprint for Marketing Transformation

Practical guidance on how to fully modernise your marketing technology stack and approaches to align with today’s digital landscape.

Major Brand AI Success Stories

Real modern marketing success stories and case studies from major brands like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon that highlight the tangible business growth enabled by artificial intelligence.

Unlocking More Marketing Knowledge

Access to additional free masterclasses and resources to continue building your AI marketing knowledge and capabilities.