Green Wave Accountants


A green wave is the ideal surfing wave; it’s the exhilarating moment where everything comes together. It’s the perfect experience…

Green Wave Accountants is a 40+ year old accounting practice based in Melbourne, Australia. Formerly known as Newell Lock and Co, the business has established a strong reputation in the industry, serving clients both globally and locally.

CEO and Managing Partner, Nick Hutchens, reached out to Collective Catalysts during a big rebrand, in need of visual branding elements to match the new direction with which the business was heading. His inspiration was the surf and the elusive green wave. 

The branding needed to be fresh and professional; demonstrating to clients that Green Wave Accountants offers a different accounting experience. They promise that when working with them, all clients will feel a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of positivity. Just like the rush you feel after surfing the perfect green wave.

Website: https://www.greenwaveaccountants.com.au/


Visual Branding
Logo Development
Colour Pallette
Font Pairing
Print, Web + EPS Files