eBook Creation

With a mission to make workplaces safer and more secure with AI-powered software, Nirovision is an innovative company, revolutionising how many workplaces operate.

Collective Catalysts have worked with Nirovision across several eBook creation projects.

Website: https://www.nirovision.com/ 


10 x eBooks



I recruited Kachina some years back as my content manager amongst a team of 6 other marketing professionals in a legaltech company. She hit the ground running delivering outstanding content despite being new to the industry. Years later, after both moving on, into the next chapters of our careers, there was an opportunity for me to recruit a content manager to develop some thought leadership pieces for the start-up I was consulting for. I didn’t hesitate to reach out to Kachina. She didn’t disappoint – within weeks, after a couple of briefings, she had developed over 10 ebooks and guides which supported the brand awareness and lead generating goals for the business. I would recommend Kachina in a heartbeat if you are after well-written and powerful content.

Roni Millard
Sales and Marketing Consultant, Nirovision