If I had a dollar for every time that someone told me they struggled to create new content for each of their channels, well, let’s just say I’d never have to work again. We all know that as a business owner or solopreneur, time is your biggest asset. Naturally, it makes sense that we are always looking at ways in which you can make smarter use of the time you do have.

When it comes to content creation, you might be thinking, if you’re not creating new content, then what are you using? 

The answer to that is repurposing your content; repurposing or redressing content that is already published into different formats.

But here’s the thing, content repurposing isn’t as simple as copying and pasting your content to different distribution channels. It takes a little bit more than that.

In this article, I’ll take you through the different ways that you can repurpose your content as well as share with you my content creation process hack that will absolutely change your life. And honestly, using this tip, you will regain so much time. You’ll be wondering why I don’t charge for this blog 😉

Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Benefits of repurposing content 

1. Boosts your SEO

Having multiple pieces of content around the same topic online can generate additional opportunities to target a desired keyword.

Also, if you take your repurposed content outside of your website, you can receive good quality links back to your site with the added bonus of controlling the anchor text in the link.



2. Gain greater reach

It makes sense that if you are repurposing your content to different channels, there will be more eyeballs on your content. This means that you’ll be reaching a new audience as well. For example, the original piece of content that you have might only hit a certain group of your audience.

Therefore, repurposing that content for different mediums allows you to reach your audience on the platforms that they spend their time.

3. Reinforces your message

Repetition is an essential part of making sure that the message you are sharing sinks in with your audience. According to the Marketing Rule of 7, buyers need to hear your message seven times before making a purchase. Bearing this in mind, repurposing your content for different platforms goes a really long way when it comes to reaching that quota.

4. Improves your online presence

The more platforms that you are on, the more presence that you’ll have on each channel.

Not all of your audience will be on just one channel. For example, if you utilize a blog, emails and social media, you’ll be reaching different audience members on different platforms.

5.  Increases your authority

Publishing good quality content in a variety of places on one single topic can really help to raise your profile in the industry that you work in, and it will encourage your audience to think of you as an expert.

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Ideas for repurposing your content

1. Podcast > blogs

If you record a podcast, transcribe the audio and publish it as a blog post.

2. Internal data > white paper

If you’ve got heaps of data that you collect as part of your business, there are ways in which you can use that and interpret it. For example, if you collect social media metrics, SEO data or if you analyze website traffic performance, there is capability for you to use that and turn it into a case study or white paper.

3. Blog > Video

85% of internet users enjoy video content. One great way that you can easily create video content is by using the information from your blog posts. 

4. Gather Content > eBook

eBooks are a great way to boost your credibility, and they work wonderfully as a gated content offer. Gather the content that you’ve created – it could be from templates, data analysis intel or an interview – and put all of that into an eBook. By using information that you’ve already gathered, the majority of your eBook is already written #winning.

5. Testimonials > Social Media

If you receive really great testimonials about your product/service, sharing these on your social media channels is great for helping to improve your credibility. Sharing testimonials and reviews on visible platforms (like your social channels) will reach audiences who maybe haven’t considered purchasing from you before, but that testimonial will help in knowing that your business is already trusted by other audience members.

Plus, testimonials and reviews can also help in improving customer relationships as it will make them feel like their voice is being heard and matters.



6. Blog > Online Course

Online courses are a great way for showcasing your expertise. A great way to utilize blog content is to turn it into an online course. Check to see which blog content has performed really well and expand on it.

Or, alternatively, if you have a team who have created content covering one particular topic, you could gather all of the information and piece that together into a course format.

Content repurposing tip

This hack is going to save you loads of time! I’m going to share with you the method that I use every month in my own content creation and that I also use with my clients.

That is to plan your content each month by starting with one chunky item of content – one piece of long form content – that could be a blog, a podcast, or a video, or maybe even all three if you are recording your podcasts and sharing them on a video platform and transcribing that into a blog.

Once you’ve created that one piece of long form content you would then use that across multiple other platforms. For example, let’s say you have a blog. You write an article and then, with that information, you can create an email and use small snippets across your socials.

Following this method means that every month you are focusing on one topic. This will save you loads of time as you won’t be wondering what content you should be creating, and it allows you to get ahead and schedule your content in advance. It’s also great for repetition, thus reinforcing your message and really establishing yourself as an industry leader.

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